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My Biggest Accomplishment

Wow. This year is flying by. This is week 50 of the MFRW Blog Hop and today’s topic: My biggest Accomplishments.

I’ll start with the most important accomplishment — my son. He has grown into a wonderful man, a great father to my five beautiful grandchildren, a diligent provider, and a hard worker. I could say I raised him all by myself without any help, but I wouldn’t be truthful. You’ve heard the slogan, ‘It takes a village…’ Well, it does. Without help from my parents, aunts, and uncles the end result, I’m sure, would have been different.

Work-and-Retirement-Street-SignNext is my job. Wonderful company. Great benefits. Super retirement plan, but oh so very stressful. I completed thirty years with my company. I dragged that ball and chain across the finish line with my sanity intact. That is a fantastic feat.


Next up is writing. While I have not published a book yet, I have a couple of first drafts completed ready to be revised and a few stories percolating in OneNote. I have a website up and running, social media, and this blog.screen shot of wordpress site.

I didn’t think about it until today, but technically I have published something–this blog. Writing, revising and pressing ‘publish’. For me that’s huge and for someone besides me to actually read it and leave a comment…I’m humbled.

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IndieReCon Live by Alicia Coleman

IndieReCon Live!

IndieReCon Live!  Making self-publishing a mission possible.

Register now for the best prices of the season–early bird pricing ends April 15, 2014.

You’ll learn from industry experts how to build your own publishing team, navigate online vendor, packaging, marketing and everything in between.

Visit the website for more information.

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IndieReCon by Alicia Coleman

IndieReCon logoIndieReCon 2014, a free online writer’s conference, is in it’s second year. Conference begins February 25, 2014 and concludes February 27, 2014. The keynote speakers this year are Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath. They will host a two hour chat about The Evolving Indie Industry and Standing Out in the Pile. They will also entertain questions.

Representatives from Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and Goodreads will be on hand to discuss insider secrets and maximizing marketing efforts.

A variety of other speakers will conduct workshops.  There is also a Grand Prize giveaway.

The conference is free.  For more information, click here.