MFRW 52 Week Blog Hop

Do You Keep A Journal or Diary?

Wow. We’re one week away from half the year.  This is week 25 of the MFRW Blog Hop. Be sure to check out the other authors blogging this week.

Diary and

I bought myself a diary with my allowance from the five and ten store in the shopping mall near my home when I was 12 years old. I wrote in it at night before I went to bed for about one year. In it, I wrote about our move to a new neighborhood and school and the changes that were taking place in my life.

Then in 1999, I had a digital diary with LiveJournal that I made private.  LiveJournal was relatively new at the time. But that only lasted about a month before I turned it into a blog about Steampunk.

Now I use a notebook for brain dumping or morning pages. When I started I wrote every morning before I worked on my WIP. For some reason, I’ve dropped down to about three mornings a week and my writing is not the same. Too many distractions, I suppose.  I’m working on getting back the other two days of the week and leaving my weekends free.

Did you keep a diary or journal? Tell me about it in the comments.

MFRW 52 Week Blog Hop

No Contests

Welcome back! This is week 12 of the MFRW Blog Hop.  Today’s topic is ‘My Contest Experiences (Win, Lose, Get Signed?).’ Please be sure to check out the rest of the blog hop crew here.

chess-pieces -2938267_1280 at pixaby

I’ve missed a couple or more hops due to family engagements. I plan to try and keep up. This post today will be short because I’ve never entered a contest. I’ve read the criteria for a few of them but have not taken the plunge. Too nervous or scared, I guess, but I participated in a workshop to learn how to judge a contest for my chapter.

What experiences do you have entering contests? Please tell me in the comments, I’m really interested in your take on them.

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Favorite Thing I’ve Written

2018 is here and I’ve joined in again with the MFRW 52 Week Blog Hop. Hello to returning authors and welcome to new authors.  I hope everyone had great holiday celebrations. This week’s topic is ‘Favorite Thing I’ve Written.’ You can check out other favorite stories here.

I have a few WIPs that I like. Nothing else is published yet other than this blog, but the first story I ever wrote will always be special to me. I ‘self-published’ it when I was 8 years old using cardboard cut in the shape of a hardcover book (it even had a spine), green construction paper to resemble a book jacket and a magazine photo of a young girl glued to the front. I stapled the story pages together and glued them inside my book.  I had dreams of being a writer at that age and had already written plays that family was duty bound to act in.  Back then I had no fears of bad grammar or story rejection because I made good grades in English class and considered myself brilliant. The story was based on Michael, my first crush and a classmate of mine, who was the most beautiful boy in the world. Both of our last names began with the letter C, so we sat near enough to each other for me to gaze at him all I wanted without me getting caught. I finally understood why my older cousins got all sappy over some of the boys at church.  I developeafrican-american-children-black-boy-and-illustration_csp45219222d plans for me and Michael that involved him noticing me, us smiling at each other, saying hi, passing that all-important note asking if I liked him, getting married and living happily ever after. See how simple life and love was when I was 8 years old.

Michael’s name became Charles in the story so he would never, ever know I wrote about him. My main character, Amanda, lived on a farm in the late 1800s with her parents and her cousin Abby.  Since Amanda had to be older than 8 years old to marry Charles, I placed her age at 18 years. The family had been invited to a dance in town. Everyone dressed in their Sunday best climbed into the wagon Amanda’s father used for hauling supplies and lumbered to town. The music was loud and lively at the livery stable where the dance was held. Charles stood at the door with his dad greeting people. He saw Amanda and promptly fell in love. He smiled at her, went over to her family, asked her dad could they dance. Her dad agreed. They danced, fell deeper in love and married a week later.  The end. That’s so dreamy and wonderful, right?

Five years later at our 8th grade Valentine Ball when we were 13 years old, Michael asked me to dance. We danced to three songs. *Sigh* Dreams do come true. We had a happy for now ending because, at the end of the school year, Michael’s family moved out of state. But our love will forever be immortalized in my very first romance story.

Tell me about the favorite things you’ve written.