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Favorite Thing I’ve Written

2018 is here and I’ve joined in again with the MFRW 52 Week Blog Hop. Hello to returning authors and welcome to new authors.  I hope everyone had great holiday celebrations. This week’s topic is ‘Favorite Thing I’ve Written.’ You can check out other favorite stories here.

I have a few WIPs that I like. Nothing else is published yet other than this blog, but the first story I ever wrote will always be special to me. I ‘self-published’ it when I was 8 years old using cardboard cut in the shape of a hardcover book (it even had a spine), green construction paper to resemble a book jacket and a magazine photo of a young girl glued to the front. I stapled the story pages together and glued them inside my book.  I had dreams of being a writer at that age and had already written plays that family was duty bound to act in.  Back then I had no fears of bad grammar or story rejection because I made good grades in English class and considered myself brilliant. The story was based on Michael, my first crush and a classmate of mine, who was the most beautiful boy in the world. Both of our last names began with the letter C, so we sat near enough to each other for me to gaze at him all I wanted without me getting caught. I finally understood why my older cousins got all sappy over some of the boys at church.  I developeafrican-american-children-black-boy-and-illustration_csp45219222d plans for me and Michael that involved him noticing me, us smiling at each other, saying hi, passing that all-important note asking if I liked him, getting married and living happily ever after. See how simple life and love was when I was 8 years old.

Michael’s name became Charles in the story so he would never, ever know I wrote about him. My main character, Amanda, lived on a farm in the late 1800s with her parents and her cousin Abby.  Since Amanda had to be older than 8 years old to marry Charles, I placed her age at 18 years. The family had been invited to a dance in town. Everyone dressed in their Sunday best climbed into the wagon Amanda’s father used for hauling supplies and lumbered to town. The music was loud and lively at the livery stable where the dance was held. Charles stood at the door with his dad greeting people. He saw Amanda and promptly fell in love. He smiled at her, went over to her family, asked her dad could they dance. Her dad agreed. They danced, fell deeper in love and married a week later.  The end. That’s so dreamy and wonderful, right?

Five years later at our 8th grade Valentine Ball when we were 13 years old, Michael asked me to dance. We danced to three songs. *Sigh* Dreams do come true. We had a happy for now ending because, at the end of the school year, Michael’s family moved out of state. But our love will forever be immortalized in my very first romance story.

Tell me about the favorite things you’ve written.

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New Author Advice #MFRWAuthor

This is week 51. After tomorrow, there will be only one more week in this month, in this year. Can you believe it? I have enjoyed participating in the blog hop challenge. Reading the various posts and getting to know the authors participating has been a joy.

Today’s topic ‘Advice to a New Author.’ Tough topic. I still consider myself a new author. I’m still working on stories that I  hope to publish for the first time next year. The advice I’d give another new author is this:

Lucy advice booth

                 (Charlie Brown/Peanuts-Charles Schultz)

Read. Read books in your preferred genre. Read books you wouldn’t normally read. I visited a great-aunt the summer of 2016. As I prepared to leave, she gifted me with a non-fiction book on a subject I wouldn’t have ever considered buying. I read part of the book on my flight home and finished it within a week of my return. It was a great book and it sparked a lot of ideas that I copied into my story idea book.

Write. There is the school of thought that you should write every day. I tried. I would stare at my monitor for hours waiting for words to pop into my head. None came through before I would give up and played my favorite game,  3D Mahjong. I found I did better when I wrote in bites of about 250 words three or four times a day. Not every day. Lesson learned. Do what works best for you when it comes to the time you designate to write.

Join a writing group in person or online. Writing is solitary but if you locate a person or persons you have someone you can hang with or chat online with as you travel on your writing journey that you can bounce ideas off of or brainstorm with.

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My Biggest Accomplishment

Wow. This year is flying by. This is week 50 of the MFRW Blog Hop and today’s topic: My biggest Accomplishments.

I’ll start with the most important accomplishment — my son. He has grown into a wonderful man, a great father to my five beautiful grandchildren, a diligent provider, and a hard worker. I could say I raised him all by myself without any help, but I wouldn’t be truthful. You’ve heard the slogan, ‘It takes a village…’ Well, it does. Without help from my parents, aunts, and uncles the end result, I’m sure, would have been different.

Work-and-Retirement-Street-SignNext is my job. Wonderful company. Great benefits. Super retirement plan, but oh so very stressful. I completed thirty years with my company. I dragged that ball and chain across the finish line with my sanity intact. That is a fantastic feat.


Next up is writing. While I have not published a book yet, I have a couple of first drafts completed ready to be revised and a few stories percolating in OneNote. I have a website up and running, social media, and this blog.screen shot of wordpress site.

I didn’t think about it until today, but technically I have published something–this blog. Writing, revising and pressing ‘publish’. For me that’s huge and for someone besides me to actually read it and leave a comment…I’m humbled.

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