5 Valentine’s Day Fun Facts


Here are some facts you may or may not know about Valentine’s Day.

  1. Valentine’s Day started with the Romans. It divides the holiday origins into two theories. A-According to, the day derives from Lupercalia, a Roman festival on February 15th where men stripped naked and spanked young maidens hoping to increase their fertility. B. When Roman Emperor Claudius II tried to bolster his army because he thought single men made the best soldiers. Therefore, he forbade men from marrying. St. Valentine defied the ban and, in the spirit of love, performed marriages. For his disobedience, Valentine was executed on February 14th.
  2. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is more than just a phrase. The Smithsonian reports young men and women in the Middle Ages drew names to see who their Valentine would be. They wore the name pinned to their sleeve for one week so everyone would know their supposed feelings.
  3. Candy hearts were originally medical lozenges. Boston pharmacist Oliver Chase invented a machine in 1847 that simplified the lozenge production process. This resulted in the first candy making machine. Chase shifted his focus to candy production Necco wafers after identifying an opportunity to revolutionize the candy business.
  4. The candies got their iconic shape much later. 15 years later, after the creation of Necco wafers, Chase developed a way to press words onto the candy lozenges using a felt roller and vegetable food coloring.  According to the Huffington Post, the conversation candies became heart-shaped in 1902.
  5. Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday to get engaged. Diamond retailer James Allen did a study in 2027 and found that 43% of millennials chose Valentine’s Day as their day of choice to propose or be proposed to.

These fun facts were found on the Women’s Day online magazine.



Tuesday Spotlight: Blame It On The Billionaire (Blackout Billionaires Book 3) by Naima Simone #Romance Author

Blame It on the Billionaire (Blackout Billionaires Book 3) by [Simone, Naima]Title: Blame It On The Billionaire

Author: Naima Simone

Blurb: She fell into his arms… now she’s falling for his trap.

Will a blackout change everything for these unlikely lovers?

It was a night filled with secrets, lies…and soul-stealing passion. And now the blackout that turned lowly executive assistant Nadia Jordan and start-up billionaire Grayson Chandler into insatiable lovers leads to a proposal Nadia can’t refuse. As she steps into Grayson’s privileged Chicago world, will his matchmaking mother and vengeful ex destroy her dreams? Or will her fake fiancé make those dreams a reality?

What happens in the dark never stays in the dark… Don’t miss the family drama, secrets and passion in the Blackout Billionaires series:
The Billionaire’s Bargain
Black Tie Billionaire
Blame It on the Billionaire

Check out Naima Simone’s website for more of her books.


Tuesday Spotlight: A Taste of Her Own Medicine (A Small Town Romance) by Tasha L Harrison #Romance Author


Title: A Taste of Her Own Medicine (A Small Town RomanceA Taste of Her Own Medicine (A Small Town Romance) by [L. Harrison, Tasha]

Author: Tasha L. Harrison


Sonja Watts needs to re-enter the workforce after divorcing her husband of thirteen years. Taking the advice of her sister Birdie and her best friend Estelle, she signs up for a six-week course for entrepreneurs; hoping that she will learn everything she needs to know to build a business to support herself and her kids.

On the first night of class, Sonja is able to ignore the fact that most of the students were younger than her by ten years or more. It was what she expected. But when the instructor walks in, she debates packing up her new twelve hundred dollar laptop and walking out.

Sonja couldn’t remember the last time she looked at a man with little more interest than she give a sturdy dining room table. She was just disinterested.

But wow, did Atlas James grab her interest.

Atlas hasn’t been interested in dating since he moved back home from California. Adjusting to new found success in the town where everyone sees him as that big, geeky guy who cut grass for pocket change when they were in high school has been awkward. Aside from a couple of one night stands, he hasn’t really wanted to pursue a relationship with anyone until sweet, shy Sonja signs up for his class.

Compact, curvy, and juicy in all the right places, being in the same room Sonja Watts ignites all of those giddy feelings he felt when he had his first crush. He wants to know her and he’s pretty sure she wants to know him — despite the age difference that she seems to be so fixated on.

With her future riding on the success of her new business, Sonja has no time for distraction. Will she be able to keep her eyes on her own paper or will they remain glued to Atlas’s biceps and thick thighs?

Check out Tasha L Harrison’s website for more of her work.