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My Earliest Memory

It’s week 2 of the MFRW blog hop. Please be sure to check all the other participants here.

I gave this topic plenty of thought. There are some memories that stand out, they may not be the earliest but are definitely remembered fondly. I asked my mom about some of my earliest times and this is what we came up with. My earliest memory was a snowy day. I was fairly young, maybe four years old when I saw it. I grew up in the southern part of the United States so we didn’t see a lot of snow, really none at all. My dad mentioned that snow was in the forecast for that night and that it might be a heavy fall. I must have asked what it was and how loud it would be when it fell, but he told me to get ready for bed and I’d see in the morning. I went to bed wondering if the fall would wake me up during the night.

The next day, I ran to the window in the living room of our second-floor apartment, opened the curtains and there was all of this white stuff all over the ground, the cars, and trees. The day looked extra bright and shiny because the sunlight bounced off of the snow on the ground and it still floated down from the sky. There was no loud noise when it touched the ground. That stuff didn’t look heavy. I guess it disappointed me because, you know, when you’re four everything is supposed to be exciting and dramatic. It wasn’t. Dad bundled me in my coat, hat, and gloves. Me, dad and mom went outside to examine this phenomenon. Snow covered the stoop and steps. We stepped off the last step onto the ground.


My feet sank into snow up to my ankles. It was cold and wet. Not sure I liked it. Mom picked up some snow, rounded it into a ball and handed it to me. It looked like the colored iced cones we would buy from Mr. Taylor’s truck in the summer, only this one was white. I licked it, but it didn’t taste like Mr. Taylor’s cones. Disappointed again. My parents showed me what we could do with snow. We made a snowman, just like the poor little fellow pictured above. We then had a snowball fight and later took our frozen selves inside to warm up in front of the heater and drink hot cocoa.

In later years I grew to like and appreciate snow because as I said it doesn’t snow much in the south but when it does, businesses and schools closed and I like that!

So what about your earliest memory? Tell me in the comments.


4 thoughts on “My Earliest Memory”

  1. Lol, kids are so literal. I remember my mother telling me that babies were born through a channel in the mother’s body. Our tv had a dial you turned to change the channel (yes, I’m that old), so for a long time, I pictured women having tv channel dials on their bodies that they dialed in to the baby channel when they wanted a new kid. I’m glad you enjoy snow, now!

  2. It’s so interesting the way young minds think. I remember my son telling me we could have another kid because we had an extra toothbrush holder. LOL I bet you laughed a lot while playing in your first snow.

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