How Much of Myself Is In My Writing? #amwriting #mfrwauthor

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Woman in the MirrorHow much of myself is in my writing and/or characters? That’s a good question. When I start to create my people, I already have a little kernel of knowledge of who they are in my mind.  As the process of getting to know them takes shape, the character asserts himself/herself and I find that, like with a new friend, there are habits or hobbies, jobs or locations that we share. Is it intentional on my part that we have these things or places in common? Maybe. Although I have been writing since I was fairly young, I’ve only been writing for a few years ‘professionally’ to one day publish a novel. So, I’ll leave it at maybe. Maybe I possibly, almost certainly, intentionally put me in my stories.

Tell me about your process in the comments. Do you appear anywhere in your writing?

5 thoughts on “How Much of Myself Is In My Writing? #amwriting #mfrwauthor”

  1. I find that my characters are mostly defined by their wound — and their wound is largely defined by the needs of the story. So putting myself into a story is impossible because as a fully rounded human being, my life isn’t defined by one single wound.

  2. I know I’m in my writing. Sometimes my preferences and attitudes show up in my protagonist. Sometimes behaviour I don’t admire shows up too! I don’t think it’s that easy to seperate ourselves from what we create 🙂

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