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Where I Write #amwriting #MFRWAuthor

badge-52 Week Blog Challenge

Week 47 of the MFRW 52 Blog Hop. This week, ‘Where I write.’  

This will be a short post.

I have an office specifically for writing, however, it’s stuffed with a dozen boxes of books interspersed throughout the room that I need to load on my bookshelves.  Because there are so many boxes, I can’t get to the desk. One day, when I find the time, I plan to empty those boxes onto the shelves so I finally write in my office.  The dining room table has become my new writing spot.

It’s not a neat area. On the table to the right of my laptop are two stacks of craft books, my iPad and mobile phone. To the left is a Happy Planner with a bunch of stickers packs on top, a stress ball, eye drops, a notepad, a pen/pencil cup, white-out tape, gum, and my earbuds. Taped to the top of the laptop is a postcard that says “Always Remember Why” (always remember why I write) that I got from author Abbi Glines. Behind the laptop are various Happy Planner supplies, magazines for character fashion ideas, a few print romance books, and a battery operated pencil sharpener.

That’s it. This is where my stories are crafted. Where do you write? Please be sure to check out the other author posts here.