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What IF I Couldn’t Be A Writer?

Here we are in week 4 of the MFRW blog hop. All authors with blogs are welcome to participate. Each week, authors use MFRW’s writing prompt to create a meaningful blog post. Authors will post every Friday or as often as possible. Click here to check out other posts for this week.

The topic today is ‘What I Would Do If I Couldn’t Be A Writer.’  Well, I wouldn’t want to go back to my previous job with the federal government. My career with them was informative, competitive and stressful. While I loved it, me and that kind of stress are no longer friends. There are lots of other things I figure I can do. I’ve always loved working with my hands so I could operate a craft making/supply business selling my products in a brick and mortar shop or on Etsy or whichever is most cost-effective. On my Twitter bio, I mention I’m a voracious reader so maybe working in a library would be a contender. I’ve always loved being surrounded by books.

Research scribbr-tag-cloud-internationalBut I think the work I’d most enjoy would be that of a researcher. ‘Cause is there really any such thing as too much research? Okay, maybe there is but only by a little bit, *pinching fingers together to show minuscule amount.* I’d love to work as a historical researcher delving into the what, when, where, why or how of past events.  Or, since I’m always exploring all sides of my family’s past, I think being a genealogist researcher for or would be cool.

What would you do if you couldn’t be a writer?