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A Book That Has Influenced My Life

#MFRWAuthor  Week#5

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There were a few books that influenced me but to name just one, it would be Mary Burchell’s A Song Begins, a Harlequin Romance in the Warrender Saga.

a-song-begins-by Mary Burchell

A  story about an opera, Anthea Benton, an opera student, who enters a contest to win money to further her singing lessons and clashes with Oscar Warrender, a world-class opera conductor. She is crushed when she does not win or place in the contest and feels it is the conductor’s fault.


When he finds out she had said some pretty rough things about him, he’s intrigued and sends her a letter of invitation to come to London to audition to become his student. What I loved about the story is although he was a butt-hole, she persevered and learned to no longer let his ill temper intimidate her. She won the major female role in his new opera. In the process, the romance between the two took a long time to develop.

At the end of the opera, when Anthea sang her last aria, to this day, I can still imagine I hear her clear strong soprano voice and it totally blew me away. Her voice made a huge impact on me. Reading this book helped to seal my decision to write in the romance genre. I vowed that one day I hope to make a major emotional impact on the readers of my future books.

What book or books influenced you? Tell me in the comments.

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