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My Fantasy Vacation #mfrwauthor

architecture-Apartment-French Quarter-New Orleans-La-3333131_1920pixabayMy fantasy vacation would be to spend a month in New Orleans’ French Quarter to write. I’d love to rent an apartment overlooking the Quarter and watch people go about their day to day activities. Whenever I visit, I marvel at the French and Spanish architecture and daydream about moving into whatever gorgeous building with lovely hanging ferns, flowers, a bistro table set on the balcony and a ‘for rent’ sign on the downstairs door.

A cruise down the Mississippi on riverboat would be grand. Imagine me as a dark and Creole Queen riverboat-French Quarter-New Orleans-La-1542020_1280pixabaymysterious southern lady of leisure dressed in a magnificent hoop-skirted gown carrying a ruffled parasol standing on an upper deck soaking up the atmosphere and flirting with a dangerous riverboat gambler. He would kiss my wrist and invite me to watch him play cards as his lucky charm. Sigh. I could write about that.

cafe-du-monde-French Quarter-New Orleans-La-848648_1920pixabaySeated at Cafe du Monde drinking coffee and eating beignets while listening to the local band play. I can imagine all kind of scenarios to brainstorm about involving tale of espionage, secret lovers meeting in the open to throw off suspicion, or sightseeing tourists.

That’s my fantasy vacation. What’s yours? Tell me about them in the comments.  Happy Holidays!

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Do You Keep A Journal or Diary?

Wow. We’re one week away from half the year.  This is week 25 of the MFRW Blog Hop. Be sure to check out the other authors blogging this week.

Diary and

I bought myself a diary with my allowance from the five and ten store in the shopping mall near my home when I was 12 years old. I wrote in it at night before I went to bed for about one year. In it, I wrote about our move to a new neighborhood and school and the changes that were taking place in my life.

Then in 1999, I had a digital diary with LiveJournal that I made private.  LiveJournal was relatively new at the time. But that only lasted about a month before I turned it into a blog about Steampunk.

Now I use a notebook for brain dumping or morning pages. When I started I wrote every morning before I worked on my WIP. For some reason, I’ve dropped down to about three mornings a week and my writing is not the same. Too many distractions, I suppose.  I’m working on getting back the other two days of the week and leaving my weekends free.

Did you keep a diary or journal? Tell me about it in the comments.

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Christmas Comes Early

Week 22. The best gift I ever gave.

The best gift I ever gave was one my younger brother and I presented to our mom.

The company my younger brother works for had put their cleaned refurbished desktops up for sale. He let us know and my mom, older brother and I each purchased one. None of us had ever owned a computer except for my younger brother whose company had them for sale.  We had a limited knowledge of how they worked as we all used them in our jobs.clip-art-computers-779141

We were excited about bringing them home except for my mom who we had to drag into the 20th-century kicking and screaming. They intimidated her a little but eventually, she embraced using it and become very proficient. She even wrote a Sunday school summary for each week’s lesson and emailed them out to members of our church and her friends.


Fast forward a few years. The refurbished computers became obsolete so we bought new ones. Mom purchased a netbook. She loved it, but as time went on, problems occurred. Logging in was slow, the RAM and the operating system were not upgradeable. But she refused to buy another.  My youngest brother and I decided to take matters into our own hands. We took her to an office supply store so she could pick out a new computer for her birthday.

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