MFRW 52 Week Blog Hop

To Research Or Not…

It’s week 13 for the MFRW blog hop and here we are today with the topic – ‘What I learned when researching my book.’

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Earlier this year I wrote a post about what I would be if I couldn’t be a writer. I wrote I would have been a researcher. I love digging into a subject for the knowledge and to get a deeper understanding. I enjoy collecting bits and pieces of interest or weird information too and storing it in OneNote, which is used to house my stories. Here are some of the questions I’m researching for a few wips I’m working on:

  • What would cause the decision of a divorce to be rescinded?
  • What are the symptoms and treatment of PTSD and/or chemical contamination in chemical warfare?
  • How long does it take for a human to bleed out if a major artery is stabbed or cut?
  • What happens to a human body in the cold emptiness of outer space?
  • What are some of the experiments performed on persons who have alleged alien abduction?

In the previous post mentioned above, I told that I love historical research for fleshing out past relatives and adding ‘a day in the life’ to my family’s genealogy. I also wanted to know what happened then so I can tweak world history with ‘what ifs’ like:

  • What would this part of the world be like if explorers never sailed here?
  • Did aliens really influence the building of pyramids that appear in different areas of the world?
  • What would life be if time travel existed and some major part of history was changed?
  • If Atlantis did exist, what would life on that continent be like? Would it be advanced like the myths say?

See what I mean, research is a fascinating subject. What have you learned or hope to learn while researching your stories?

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