Tuesday Spotlight: The Realization of Grayson Deschanelle by Nancee Cain #Pine Bluff Series #Romance Author

The Realization of Grayson Deschanelle (Pine Bluff Book 7) by [Cain, Nancee] This is book 7 of the Pine Bluff series by Nancee Cain.

Published: January 24, 2020.

Blurb: Despite a high-profile clientele, fashion photographer Grayson Deschanelle prefers being behind the lens, away from public scrutiny. After his movie star girlfriend dumps him, he flees to his stepbrother’s remote cabin to hide from the paparazzi.

Related to Grayson by marriage, Lissy Carlton decides his plan to run from his problems might work for her, too. And perhaps he can help her out of the predicament that tanked her grades this semester of college as well.

Caught by surprise, Grayson finds Lissy much different than the girl he’s known for years. She’s no longer a child—though her teenaged crush is still very much intact. Snowed in with her, he tries to fight his growing attraction. But being with Lissy brings what his life is lacking into sharp focus.

The ice melts, and they return home. When their families discover their secret, Grayson must decide what kind of life he truly wants—and whether he’ll fight to keep Lissy by his side.

Be sure to check out the other books in the Pine Bluff Series on Nancee Cain’s website.

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