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How to Tweak Your Newsletter

Check out this great post on “How to Tweak Your Newsletter” by P.H. Solomon over on Story Empire.

Story Empire

Happy Friday to all the Story Empire readers! Today I’m veering a bit off course from a regular post format at the end of the work week into the topic of managing a newsletter to gain better results (hopefully). I’m relying on some recent information, some of which is from my mass mailing provider, Mailerlite, so I include some links at the end of the post as resources.

Tweaking and improving my newsletter effectiveness has been a long-term goal that’s often frustrating because it’s just difficult to gain the engagement with subscribers of fiction, especially in the fantasy genre. With that in mind, I’ll share a few pieces of information and some tips to try and why based on what I’ve gleaned lately. I’ll also share some of what I’ve been doing to improve over time as well.

The main reason newsletter email is not opened aside from people just…

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