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A Favorite Winter Spot by Alicia Coleman

One of my favorite winter spots is Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  It’s one of the most beautiful I’ve visited.Gatlinburg winter magic

When my family first approached me about visiting there, I refused.  I told them that was a place for honeymooners as several of my friends and their friends chose Gatlinburg to celebrate their marriages.  A few even married there in the various wedding chapels interspersed around the city.  Nope, that city was not for me.  I didn’t want to see starry-eyed couples holding hands or huddled together floating down the street with dreamy smiles on their faces.  My family finally wore me down and I consented to go.  I’m glad I did. Gatlinburg winter magic.jpg2

I found Gatlinburg to be a quaint little town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains.  Turns out, not only honeymooners go there, but families as well.  I was surprised to see the streets packed with people checking out the stores, going into restaurants, visiting museums and milling around breathing in the crisp, clean mountain air.  There’s even a night life. When it was time to go home, I didn’t want to leave.  I grudgingly told them I liked it while being secretly thrilled I came.  I even nonchalantly suggested making a return visit.

What about you? What are some of your favorite places to visit?

6 thoughts on “A Favorite Winter Spot by Alicia Coleman”

  1. Alicia – I live only two hours away from Gatlinburg, but I rarely go because of the traffic. At times it can be nearly impossible to make it through the town. But, in this regard I am certainly in the minority. Many people LOVE Gatlinburg. It is a favorite destination for millions every year.

  2. I’ve never been to Gatlinburg, but it sounds intriguing (although — wow! — check out those crowds). I’m not sure I could navigate that as I tend to like things slow-paced. I’m beach person and even go there off season. December at the shore is beautiful because everything is decorated for Christmas and dining out feels intimate (there are so few people). Sedona Arizona is another place I love – – red rock, blue skies and lots of artisans. Cool post, Alicia!

    1. It’s not as crowded as in the photo, lol. That was a Chili cookoff on a closed off street. It’s a great place for peaceful contemplation and best of all, writing. It’s slow-paced as well. My family rented a chalet that first year. Snow fell overnight. We woke to a blinding white snow blanket covering the surrounding area. It was beautiful.

  3. Oh, never heard about Gatlinburgh, Alicia. Thanks for introducing it to me. Now, if the topic of visiting it comes up, I’ll have some background about in in my memory banks. Like, Mae, I love any little a beach experience anytime of year. And I love quaint New England, or bustling New England seaport towns. Those little consignment shops, historical elements and cozy restaurants with fireplaces, and the water is all I need to get happy and relaxed– fast!

  4. I too love quaint New England towns. I have relatives that live in Lowell MA. I’ve only been there in the spring. Looking forward to visiting them in the fall or winter. Now that would be fantastic! Gatlinburg is a nice quaint little town. I’ve only been there in the fall and winter. The streets are bustling as well, not packed. They have their celebrations–like the one in the second photo, a Chili cookoff, where a street was blocked off and packed with people. The traffic is heavy in the am hours, but you can walk most places you want to visit. The mountain chalets or hotels that may be in or around the upper mountain areas require driving. Over all, I’d visit again and again.

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