My Favorite Time of Year by Alicia Coleman

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  Spring and Summer put away their brilliant colored flowers and long  hot sunshine days to prepare for the short days of Autumn (Fall)  and the long  nights of Winter.

Leaves  in colors of gold, red or brown  fall to the ground covered in straw colored grass and crunch underfoot. The air is crisp, clean, brisk and cool.  Birds fly to warmer climates.  Animals grow thicker coats while people break out sweaters, hats or jackets.  Hot cocoa, hot spiced apple cider, hot teas, coffee replace icy cold lemonades and cold teas.

What about you?  What are some of the things you like about Autumn?

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Time of Year by Alicia Coleman”

  1. First, I’ve got to tell you, Alicia, I LOVE the WordPress blog. It’s GORGEOUS! And I don’t have to prove I’m human to comment 😀 Sometimes it takes me 4-5 tries to get that right and then I wonder if maybe those impossible-to-read scripts know something I don’t, LOL! I’m also getting notice of posts the day you actually post instead of a day later. Woot!

    I love Autumn too. October, May and June are my favorite months of the year. I love that the air turns crisp and the trees are a vibrant tapestry of color in october. It’s still beautiful enough to be outside but with a different snap to the air. I love Halloween, pumpkins, and especially, the coloful gourds that are available this time of year. It’s like Mother Nature making a vibrant splash before curling up for winter.

    1. Sorry it took so long to comment. I didn’t know the comments were moderated. I’ll have to figure out how to stop that. Thanks for the compliment. I guess I should use this blog more. I get frustrated with it sometimes. Blogger is easier.

  2. Hi Alicia, I love the trees turning bright colors. I live in the west so we don’t get the abundance of color as in the east, but we do have a good show. The native cottonwood and aspen turn bright yellow and sometimes are tinged with orange, the landscape maples add their flames. I love it when the sun is low and the long rays make the trees glow.

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