Tuesday Spotlight: Fowled (Kingsbury Town Football Club Romance Book 1) by Marina Reznor #Romance Author

Fowled by Marina ReznorTitle: Fowled

Author: Marina Reznor


“You need to paint with your heart and not your head, Marie-Claire, or you’ll never pass the Critique.” Professor Dixon said bluntly. “Leave your comfort zone and follow your heart.”

The dreaded Critique. The Lady Warwick College of Arts and Design prided itself on being the best art school in London, or the world for that matter, and unless Marie-Claire Wentworth figured out a way to loosen up and throw caution to the wind it was a certainty they would be showing her to the door. Back to America.

But the Lady Warwick was where she wanted to be and she was willing to do whatever it took to stay there. It was home now, a place where she could immerse herself in painting her beloved birds and wild fowl, far from the embarrassment of a failed romance. Now her professors were forcing her to push her own boundaries – or else. “Follow you heart!” Professor Dixon had commanded. It was like a bad joke – all she did was eat, sleep and paint, there was no room in her life for any passion.

Until she met Mick.

Mick Carr had worked damned hard to earn his reputation as Kingsbury Town Football Club’s King Jack-About-Town, and now that they had reached the stratospheric levels of England’s Premier League his choices were endless. The most beautiful women in the world found him irresistible and millions followed his exploits in the daily tabloids. It seemed like every door in London was open to the handsome footballer, and his raging appetite knew no bounds.

Until he met Marie-Claire.

It was love at first sight. Or, rather, the moment he first saw her paintings. The birds in them, he knew them. Pheasants, quail, swans, they were his world. His other world, not the fast life he lived in London, but the life he lived in on his farm, in the country. Where he was happy.

She was a student, though, and he normally gave them a wide berth. What would she want with a man who’d left school at fifteen? But she was gorgeous and Mick was captivated. He tried to be reasonable, honestly he did, but somehow things always got out of control where Marie-Claire was concerned.

It seemed so simple, Marie-Claire thought, a quick romance to drag her out of her comfort zone. One kiss in a dark alcove wouldn’t hurt anything, and it was easy to be with Mick. Easy to melt into his arms. Easy to forget he was a prime tabloid target.

Suddenly, what started as a harmless fling turned into a nationwide scandal splashed across the front page of every tabloid in the country. Hordes of paparazzi chased her through streets for a fresh photograph that would fetch top money. Mick constantly assured her that it would all blow over but his ex-girlfriend seemed intent on brewing trouble at every turn.

Mick might hold the key to her success but he also held the keys to her destruction. Will his love save her or destroy her?

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Tuesday Spotlight: Royal Fire (Dragon Nights Book 1) by Dahlia Rose #Romance Author

Royal Fire by Dahlia RoseTitle: Royal Fire

Author: Dahlia Rose


Lyra carries the fire of the star within her. She a royal dragon on Paladin, half-human, half-dragon and all woman. Growing up hearing of the adventures and intrigue of humankind. She decides to leave the comfort and riches of her gilded cage to live a life of service as an officer of the law on Earth. Human beings are difficult creatures. Keeping them safe and protecting them from things that go bump in the night human or otherworldly. Well it’s a challenge, but one she takes seriously. Cops trust each other; her human partner Everett Craig can’t ever know she’s a dragon or a royal. Keeping that secret from him day in and day out can put a strain on their relationship.

When a kidnapping and murder happens one of the pieces of evidence seemed to be directed at her. Its appearance could threaten all she had built in her new life. Will her secrets be revealed, or can Lyra keep the truth hidden? Things are made far more complicated when Dragon Warriors appear to bring her home by force if necessary. How is she supposed to explain that to Everett? Can she buy some time for herself, solve the case and keep her partner blissfully unaware, all without being exposed? She thinks so (or rather hopes so) that is until Dael leader of the Paladin Warriors, her betrothed- and most certainly not by choice comes to earth himself. Bless it.

Dahlia Rose’s website list more of her engaging books. Please check them out.


Tuesday Spotlight: My Wicked Prince by Molly O’Keefe #Romance Author

My Wicked Prince by Molly O'KeefeTitle: My Wicked Prince

Author: Molly O’Keefe


He was my prince charming. 

My fairy tale gone totally wrong.

My mother marrying the king was supposed to give my mom and me our happily ever after. But my life isn’t a bedtime storyand no prince with a fancy shoe is turning me into a Cinderella.

I had big plans outside of my small but powerful country. But Gunnar, the wicked prince in a gorgeous package, was temptation too strong for me to resist. His sweet lies and sweeter kisses pulled me back into his arms over and over again until his cold cruel heart finally broke mine for good.

Now he’s going to be King and he wants me back in his country, his palace…and his bed.

And we all must bow to the King.

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