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Earth Day

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As world citizens, we can take action to protect the earth, its creatures, and their living environments. Green living can include fuel-efficient vehicles, windows and landscaping our yards to reduce the amount of water required.

The organizers of Earth day promote events that educate the public about subjects such as climate change, air and water pollution, carbon footprints, recycling, and erosion.

Here are some ways to celebrate and take part in National Earth Day:

  • Support green businesses
  • Use re-usable products versus disposable
  • Support and use recycling programs in your community
  • Repurpose items that have outworn their use
  • Use energy-efficient appliances or line-dry your clothes.

What are some other ways to help save the earth? Tell me in the comments.


Tuesday Spotlight: Dane: The Donovan Dynasty Book 1 by A. C. Arthur

Dane- Donovan Dynasty Book 1 by A C ArthurTitle: Dane: The Donovan Dynasty Book 1

Author: A. C. Arthur


Dane Donovan is in Paris, but he is not starting over. Neither is he looking back. He’s picking up where he left off and now, more than ever, is determined to get it right. Four years ago she was a mistake, so running into Zera at the place where they first met now, cannot be good. Unfortunately for Dane, walking away may not be an option this time around.

To bring her cousin home, Zera Kennedy would give up everything she worked for…including the first man to capture her heart. But now that the kidnapper’s trail has gone cold, Zera is not sure she’ll be able to achieve her goal, and until she does, returning to her home in Kenya is not an option. Neither is staying away from Dane Donovan once he walks back into her life.

But the moment they both let down their guard and believe in the love that gives them a new look on life, fear invades their tender reunion and threatens every kiss, every moan, every…breath they take.

More of A. C. Arthur’s books can be found on her website.


Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.

                       ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe~